Werribee Bingo and the Local Community
Werribee Bingo is proud to continue its longstanding support in the local community.
All revenue raised by Werribee Bingo contributes directly to the following local sporting clubs and community groups and is spent locally in our Wyndham Community for the benifit of local residents.
The following clubs are the owners and operators of Werribee Bingo and benifit directly from the operting profit: -

City Raiders Softball Club
Laverton and Point Cook Rotary Club
Laverton Softball Club
Werribee Centrals Past Players and Officials Association
Werribee Cricket Club
Werribee Districts Football
Werribee Football Club
Werribee Football Club Past Players and Officials Association
Werribee Giants Baseball Club
Werribee Greyhound and Coursing Club
Werribee Junior Cricket Club
Werribee Lions Club
Werribee Park Golf Club
Red Cross
Werribee Sports Club